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CDK BudgetPrep Software

​CDK Budget Prep software allows our users to quickly and efficiently develop their budgets for the coming fiscal year. The user-friendly point-and-click interface makes it easy to enter and edit the budget during the all-too-busy budget season. Its many time-saving features include importing the audited year’s and current year’s budgets from our CDK for Windows financial software and exporting the budget into the new year’s CDK for Windows database files.

CDK Budget Prep integrates with our Personnel System to easily build a significant portion of the district’s salary budget based upon the proposed year salary guides and the anticipated guide/step occupancy. Budget Prep can also import budgetary requisitions from our electronic Requisition System to provide details for the supplies portion of the budget.

The ability to import and export the budgets saves the user many hours of double and triple data entry and minimizes mistakes.

Editing the Expense Budget

The expense budget can be entered and edited in a simple, user-friendly point-and-click Windows environment. Audited, current and proposed years’ budgets are displayed along with dollar and percent changes between current and proposed years. Budget amounts are changed by clicking on the cell to change and entering a new budgeted amount. :o)

Editing the Revenue Budget

The revenue budget is displayed and edited in the same simple point-and-click environment at the expense budget.