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CDK Personnel

A Windows-based system for personnel tracking/recordkeeping.

CDK Personnel will allow schools to keep employee records up to date in a user-friendly Windows application. Key features of the program are as follows:

  • Multi-User: It is designed to be used in a multi-user environment with each user being assigned a set of permissions appropriate to their position in the organization.
  • Maintains all employee records including education (degrees, continuing education courses, creditable on the job training), certifications, all contact information, salary, hourly rates and pay scale, hire tenure dates, health plans, user permissions.
  • Complete leave tracking for personal days, vacation days and sick days as well as any number of user-defined leave types or reasons for absence.
  • Tracking of employee attendance records.
  • Tracking of required teacher professional development.
  • Entering and tracking of salary guides and calculating total cost of employees based upon various hypothetical pay scale scenarios.
  • Segregating employees into departments/locations.
  • Tracking of employee observation schedules
  • Tracking of employee evaluation schedules and all evaluation data required for NJ SMART Submissions
  • Tracking of employee pay adjustments
  • Tracking of employee mobility (entering and/or leaving district)
  • Tracking of employee seniority/longevity and calculation of longevity pay
  • Coding of employee salaries to expenditure accounts for use in calculation of salary portion of district budget
  • Entering/merging of employee contracts
  • Calculation of substitute pay
  • Preparation of all NJ SMART SMID Management, Fall Staff Submission, Staff Course Submission and Staff Evaluation Submission
  • Integration with R&L Data Systems’ ExpressoPay payroll system
  • Importing of attendance and substitute data from AESOP
  • Calculation of employee health benefits contributions required by PL 2011, C78
  • Prepares a report for each employee participating in health benefits clearly showing how their contribution is calculated with annual and per-pay amounts

Main Menu

The Main Menu of the program, from which users can log in and access the other areas of the program.

Setup Options

The Setup Options menu is used to access areas of the program where the user can setup/edit the district's departments, Locations, Leave Types, Recurring Certifications, Discipline Types, Health Plans, Retirement Plans, Employee Types, and Labor Unions.

Edit Leave Types

The Edit Leave Types area is used to create/define/edit the leave types used by the district, such as Personal, Maternity, Sick Day, etc.

Setup Employee Types

This section of the program is used to define/edit information about the various employee types. Information such as the certifications required, as well as the default leave amounts, and health and retirement plans for each employee type can be entered here.

View/Edit Salary Guides

The system allows you to create and edit salary guides with any number of columns or steps. Guides can be created for annual salaries, per diem rates, or hourly rates. This screenshot shows a typical teachers' salary guide.

Show Number of Employees

With a click of an option button, we can quickly and easily show the number of employees currently on each step and column of the guide.

Show Total

One more click, and we can see the total salaries attibuted to each step of the guide based upon the employees assigned to that step. In the lower right you can see the total for the entire guide.

Substitute Pay Schedules

You can also enter substitute pay information to determine the rate of pay for each substitute based upon the type of employee substituted for and the prior number of days worked. The rate can be expressed as a per diem rate or hourly rate. This information is used to calculate the payment due to each substitute utilized during any given month or pay period.

Edit Workyear Calandar

This area of the program can be used to create/edit workyear calandars, setting the start and end dates, the normal workdays, and special days such as holidays. The work calendars determine which days employees are expected to be at work for attendance purposes.

Enter/Edit Employee Info

This area of the program is used to create employees and edit employee information such as Personal information, contact information, certifications, employment info, attendance, benefits, salary, etc. This particular screen is used to edit contact information. The employees shown can be narrowed down using the select subset of employees window.

Employment Info

This tab is used to enter/edit employment information, such as full time or part time, schedule, position, department, service time, etc.

Service Time Adjustments

This screen is used to enter service time adjustments for employees.

Salary Information

This tab is used to view/edit an employee's salary Information, such as salary guide and step, salary adjustments, etc.

View/Edit Contract Templates

This screen is used to create and edit templates for employee contracts.

Calculate Next Year Salaries

This screen is used to calculate employees salaries for the next year using the next year salary guide. For employees without a salary guide a percentage increase can be entered or individual salaries can be entered directly.

Longevity Rules

You can enter rules for longevity pay and then use them to determine the amount due to each employee and, if desired, automatically create the salary adjustment records.


Daily attendance is recorded with a simple point-and-click interface. The system will display the employees expected to be at work based upon their assigned work calendar and allow you to click on the absent employees to record their absence and any leave and/or substitute information.

Leave/Substitute Info

Once an employee is identified as absent, you are shown another simple point-and-click screen that displays leave balances and available substitutes and allows you to select these as appropriate.

Import Data from Aesop

The program allows administrators to import data from the Aesop absence management system.

View Imported Attendance Data

Once Aesop data is imported the program color-codes the entries, allowing you to address any discrepancies between the data from Aesop and your local data.

Users and Permissions

This screen is used to create/edit users, and assign user permissions.

NJSMART Functions

The NJSMART functions menu allows users to create files they need to upload to NJSMART.

Choose Employees to Include in NJSMART Submissions

This form is used to select which employees to include in NJSMART submissions.


This area of the program is used to view and print reports including Attendance Reports, Employee Data, Administration Reports, Contracts, Etc. This tab is used to view/print attendance reports including Daily/Monthly attendance reports, Leave reports, and substitute pay reports.

Employee Data

This tab is used to view/print employee dat reports including employee type, address, health insurance plan, salary adjustment, and other reports and mailing labels.


This tab is used to view/print administration reports including eployee contact info, observation and evaluation schedules, stipend lists, name tags, etc.

State Report Info.

This tab is used to view/print reports including: certified staff list, staff attendance rates, monthly staff attendance rates, etc.

Certs & Training

This tab is used to view/print reports including staff development, training, certification, ad other reports.

Health Benefits

This tab is used to view and print health benefit reports.