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CDK Requisitioning

​A Windows-based system for processing requisitions.

CDK Requisitioning allows using schools to enter, approve and process requisitions:

  • Multi-User: It is designed to be used in a multi-user environment with each user being assigned a set of permissions appropriate to their position in the organization.
  • Allows users to enter all requisition information including quantities, prices, description of items ordered, preferred vendor and expense accounts (if known and if assigned permission).
  • Approval chain is completely tailorable to match organizational structure.
  • Requisitions are tracked through approval process, and approval status is available to the requisitioner.
  • Completely integrated with CDK for Windows fund accounting software.
  • When fully approved, requisitions can be converted to Purchase Orders at the business office without retyping information.
  • Funds are not encumbered until requisition is converted to a Purchase Order.
  • Users can access expense account status including available amounts before and after considering requisitions currently in approval cycle.
  • Electronic copies of backup information, such as quotes, catalogue pages, etc., can be attached to the requisition and travel with the requisition through the approval chain to the business office.

Main Menu

This is the main menu of the requisitioning program. Users can choose to create new requisitions, browse existing requisitions, view user-specific reports, and navigate to system utilities.

Add/Edit Requisitions

By choosing the "Add New" from the main menu, users can create new requisitions. Users can select the shipping location, contact, date, and can write a summary of the requisition. Users then create the specific line items for the requisition.

Edit Line Info

User can create specific lines for a requisition, choosing the account from which the use funds, the quantity of the item ordered, and the price, and can write a brief description of that line item.

User Browser

Once a user has created requisitions, they can view their status in the requisition browser. Requisitions will appear in different colors when they have been submitted, approved, and converted into purchase orders.

User Reports

Users can generate various accounting reports and reports generated by the system summarizing their requisitioning activity.

User Utilities

The user utilities menu allows a user to change their password, update system information, and backup their requisitioning data.

Approvers' Requisition Browser

For requisition approvers (principles, BAs, etc.), the requisition browser includes the option of approving requisitions individually or in batches.

Approvers' Reports

Approvers' also have additional reports--they can view requisitioning reports for their own requisitions as well as for any users who they are responsible for approving.

Approvers' Utilities

Approvers have additional options in the utilities menu as well. They can create new users, edit user permissions, change the fiscal year, and export budgetary requisitioning data in order to create the next year's budget.

Set User Permissions

Approvers can set the user permissions for users whom they supervise.

System Settings

Users with the appropriate permissions can change the system settings including changing file paths for requisitioning data and setting various requirements for new requisitions.

CDK Accounting Interface

Once requisitions have been approved, they are sent to the CDK accounting software to be easily converted into purchase orders. All information added in the requisitioning system is automatically sent to the accounting system to be included on the purchase order.

Print Requisition
When a user chooses to print a requisition or view a report, it is converted into a pdf which will open in whatever system .pdf viewer they have installed on their computer. From their they can either save the file or print it using the system utility.

Requisition Quote
Users can create a requisition price quote to be sent to a vendor.

Provisional General Ledger Report
The provisional general ledger report shows details for every account, and displays any current requisitions under the account they would affect.

Single Expense Account Detail
If you are only interested in a single account, the "Single Expense Account Detail" report shows any account detail you choose along with all the associated requisitions.

Originator's Normal Requisitions

All Originator's Requisitions

Approver's Normal Requisitions Report

Approver's Converted Requisitions Report
This reports shows all requisitions that have been converted into purchase orders.